Welcome to PsyCode's Home Page


PsyCode is a Mac application written by Luca Filippin. It is the successor of CodeThis, written by Luca Bonatti. We used CodeThis for several years in our lab. Then fame hit us. Other labs wanted to use it, and so LB asked LF to take a look at the code before making it public. LF was so ashamed of how LB had written the code that he decided to rewrite it entirely, and so PsyCode was born.

The program is meant to be used with PsyScope X, although it may be also used independently. It will be of interest to those who run experiments with PsyScope, record videos and need to code the videos after the experiment is run. For example, in our laboratory we use it extensively to code videos of experiments with infants.

PsyCode requires Mac Os X and QuickTime 7, and is released under the GNU general public license. You can download the compiled program, as well as a small doc exemplifying how to use it for experiments using a Head-Turn preference procedure (written by Judit Gervain -- thanks) here.

If you are interested in the code, we have a SVN repository, which you can download by typing the following comnand on your terminal:

svn checkout svn://psy.cns.sissa.it/svn_repository/PsyCode/trunk