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Differences Between PsyScope 9 and PsyScope X

This page contains some of the main differences between PsyScope 9 and PsyScope X, plus some tips about how to best use PsyScope under Os X. It is meant to be a complement of the PsyScope User Manual (download it) written by the authors of PsyScope 9 at CMU. You should use that as your main starting point if you are new to PsyScope. The manual is old but is still a 98% accurate introduction.

From the point of view of the user, the main differences between what you know and what PsyScope can do concern movies, sound, and several functions not available in the old PsyScope. The menu of this page should redirect you on separate pages for those features, and sometimes you should be able to find examples that, hopefully, will help you.

There are other differences that concern how the operative system works, and what you should do to increase the chances to run an experiment successfully. I put some tricks and things to know in the "Runtime Tips" section. The "Performance" section lists some of the issues related to precompilation and memory, plus the description of the methodology and results of the performance tests we run on PsyScope X. The other sections describe more specific changes between PsyScope X and 9 and features unavailable in the previous versions of PsyScope.

You should be able to access these sections via the drop-down that should appear by moving the cursor on the "Psy" Icon (the on the top-left part of the window (I hope)).