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Chapter 12. Windows in PsyScope

12.1 Event-Handling Architecture

The PsyScope application should handle receiving and dispatching all events. When a modal dialog is used, it should call PsyScope's ECSModalDialog() instead of the Macintosh Toolbox ModalDialog(). When a non-modal window is used, it registers itself with the PsyScope Event Handler, and receives callbacks to handle appropriate events and status changes.

A window registers itself by calling RegisterWindow(). This function takes as its parrameters a WindowPtr (a Macintosh Toolbox type) and a WindowProcRec *. The latter is a pointer to a record which gives the Event Handler detailed information about how to handle events related to the window, including a number of different callback function pointers. This record is decribed below.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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