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12.4 Window Procedures

12.4.4 CommandHook

This proc is called (up to two times) for the frontmost window wind a command-key is hit. The first time it is called, the last parameter will be 0 and the first parameter will contain the command character. If the proc wishes to handle this event, it should return TRUE, and menu-item selection will not take place.

If the proc returns FALSE, the proc will be called a second time, in which the first parameter will zero and the last parameter will be a menu id and item whch was selected by the command-key sequence. The dialog can use this information to decide whether it wants to handle the selection, return TRUE if it does, and FALSE if it does not.

If FALSE is returned bith times, the interface manager will handle the menu selection itself.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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