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Chapter 13. Graphic Environment Resources

13.3 Input Devices

Input devices need a `inpt' resource, which describes how the input masks for this input type will appear in the "Duration" and "Condition/Action" dialogs, and provides a name an icon to appear in the "Input Devices" dialog.

An `inpt' resource should contain the following data. Strings are pascal strings. Some strings can be defaulted by specifying a zero-length string (""). Integers need not be word-aligned.

Prompt - This is the name of the device which the user will see. It defaults to the real name of the device.

Icon Name - There should be a small icon family (`ics#', `ics4', and/or `ics8' - only the `ics#' is required) for the input device. This field specifies the name given to the icon (in the `ics#'). The name defaults to the event type name.

DCOD - This is the name of the DCOD which should be called to set an input "mask" for this device. The DCOD is passed an entry reference in which the mask is stored.

DCOD Message - This string is the message which is passed into the DCOD. The possible values for this field are DCOD-dependent. The default is no message (i.e., the standard message).

Default Value - This should be a literal to be used as the default mask for the device. "\" indicates that there is no default, and the user should always be prompted for a value. "\\" indicates that the default is an empty mask list.

Empty Result - This is the string which should be shown to the user when no "masks" are specified. Usually, this value will be "Never" or "Always".

Flags - This string is used to notify the graphic interface of special characteristics for the input device. If the string contains "Dur[ation]", the device will be used as a possible event-ending device. If the string contains "Act[ion]", thedevice will be used as a possible action-activating device. If the string contains "CanEnable", its name will be included in the list of devices in the dialog for the "InputDevices" experiment attribute.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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