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Chapter 13. Graphic Environment Resources

13.4 Timer Devices

Timers will have a `timr' resource, which provides a name and icon for the "Timers" dialog.

A `timr' resource should contain the following data. Strings are pascal strings. Some strings can be defaulted by specifying a zero-length string ("").

Prompt - This is the name of the timer device which the user will see. It defaults to the real name of the timer.

Icon Name - There should be a small icon family (`ics#', `ics4', and/or `ics8' - only the `ics#' is required) for the timer. This field specifies the name given to the icon (in the `ics#'). The name defaults to the timer name.

Flags - This string is used to notify the graphic interface of special characteristics of the timer. No flags were supported at the time of this writing.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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