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Chapter 13. Graphic Environment Resources

13.6 Experiment Attributes

The `expa' resource type is used to specify experiment attributes; the name of each should be the same as the attribute it represents.

An `expa' resource should contain the following data. Strings are pascal strings. Some strings can be defaulted by specifying a zero-length string ("").

Attribute Descriptor - The name of the `attr' resource which describes this attribute type. The description contains such information as the DCOD which handles the attribute, the default value, etc. (See also below, about the `attr' resource.) Defaults to the attribute name.

Prompt - The name of the attribute as seen by the user; it defaults to the attribute name.

Additional Message - A message string which should be appended to the one specified in the `attr' description.

Default Value - A string to be used as the default value for the attribute, overriding the default specified in the `attr'. A backslash (\) specifies that no value should be written for the default.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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