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Chapter 13. Graphic Environment Resources

13.7 Experiment Flags

The `eflg' resource type is used to specify flags for the "Flags" experiment attribute; the name of each should be the same as the value to be written in the script for that flag.

An `eflg' resource should contain the following data. Strings are pascal strings.

Prompt - This is the name of the flag which the user will see when setting the experiment's Special attribute. It defaults to the flag value as written to the script.

Icon Name - There should be a small icon family (`ics#', `ics4', and/or `ics8' - only the `ics#' is required) for the flag. This field specifies the name given to the icon (in the `ics#'). The name defaults to the flag value.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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