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Chapter 13. Graphic Environment Resources

13.8 Attribute/Parameter Descriptions

The `attr' resource type is used with the `expa', `evnt' and `actn' types to describe the specifics of an experiment attribute, stimulus attribute, or action parameter, and should be given a unique name.

An `attr' resource should contain the following data. Strings are pascal strings. Some strings can be defaulted by specifying a zero-length string (""). Integers need not be word-aligned.

DCOD - This is the name of the DCOD which should be called to set the value for this type. The DCOD is passed an entry reference in which data is stored. The predefined dialog types, (e.g. "Standard", "Checkboxes", etc) which are defined in the PsyScope Manual, can be used here as well as custom DCODs. Often these built-in DCODs will suffice.

DCOD Message - This string is the message which is passed into the DCOD. The possible values for this field are DCOD-dependent. The default is no message (i.e., the standard message). This message may be extended by the attributes and/or parameters using this description.

Default Value - A string to be used as the default value for the type. A backslash (\) specifies that no value should be written for the default. This default may be overriden by the attributes and/or parameters using this description. The default default is "???".

Icon Name - Icons for type descriptions are not used. This string is ignored.

Flags - The first two characters should be `S1' or `M0', specifying whether the value of this type is a single token (`S1') or multiple tokens (`M0'). The default is `S1'. All other flags are currently ignored.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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