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PSYX Programmer's Manual

Chapter 2. DCODs

A DCOD is a PSYX that is used for changing values in the script. DCODs usually involve user interactions in a dialog, and depend heavily on the script interpreter. DCODs can be called by the graphic environment, custom menus, console items, custom options, and execution entries.

A PSYX does not have to specifically declare itself to be a DCOD (see "1.2 PSYX Naming") and there are no required messages. The default DCOD message is pDialogCall (== 'DCOD'); it is often the only message recognized by a DCOD. See PsyScope User Manual "Chapter 17. Dialog and Function Extensions", p471 for more information on when and how DCODs are called from the script.

2.1 - DCOD Calling Structure
2.2 - Asynchronous DCODs

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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