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PSYX Programmer's Manual

Chapter 3. XRESs

XRESs are PSYXs that are called directly from the scripting language. Unlike DCODs, which generally modify the script, XRESs usually just take a list of input tokens and return a list of output tokens. XRESs implement new scripting functions that cannot be easily defined using the basic scripting language.

FactorAttrib() is an example of a scripting function that invokes an XRES. FactorAttrib() calls the "Factor" PSYX, passing along its original parameters: a list and a field. While a Factor format experiment is being compiled, the "Factor" PSYX is already working as an IMSB; when a "FactorAttribute" XRES message is sent during the compilation, it can match up the parameters with the IMSB's internal data and return factored values back to the scripting language. (Ultimately, these tokens are going to be passed back to the "Factor" PSYX from the scripting language, and the tokens will be used to define a trial or event.)

3.1 - How an XRES is Called
3.2 - Computing with TokenValues
3.3 - Scripting Glue
3.4 - XRES Purging

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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