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Chapter 3. XRESs

3.2 Computing with TokenValues

The TokenValue structure is used to contain a result token from a scripting language evaluation. Its use is documented in "11.3.2 Token Values"; here we will provide a brief explanation.

A TokenValue variable has the following structure:

	typedef struct TokenValue {
		union {
			char		*string;
			EntryRef		*ref;
			float		number;
		} result;
		char		shouldFree;	
		char		flags;	
		TokAddrRec		*address;		/* For internal use only						 */
		TokInfo		info;	
	} TokenValue;

The most important fields are flags and result. The value of flags will be one of string_tok_info, reference_tok_info, or number_tok_info; the token value will then be found in result.string, result.ref, or result.number, respectively. It is the responsibility of a XRES message-handler to verify that its parameters are of the correct type.

If the XRES has to dispose of the input TokenValue array, it should do so with the FreeToks() utility.

A result TokenValue array can be built up using ExpandTokenValueList() and its variants; the array may not be allocated and filled in directly by the XRES. Usually, *disp will be set to TRUE so that the array will be properly disposed by the XRES manager; if, however, *disp is FALSE on exit, the XRES must itself free the token value array sometime before the XRES is purged.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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