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PSYX Programmer's Manual

Chapter 5. ODEVs

ODEVs implement event and stimulus types, and custom actions.

When implementing stimulus/event types ODEVs are responsible for reading stimulus-type-specific attributes of events from the script to define stimuli, loading stimuli into memory to be displayed, playing and clearing stimuli.

When implementing custom actions, ODEVs are responsible for handling requests for particular actions from the ODEV manager, parsing the action parameters before the trial is run and, if necessary, dereferencing the parameters in to something more quickly handled by the action at run-time, and executing the actions when they are triggered.

5.1 - Overview of ODEV Operation
5.2 - Allocating Stimuli and Attributes
5.3 - ODEV Messages and Their Parameters

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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