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Chapter 5. ODEVs

5.1 Overview of ODEV Operation

Each event/stimulus type is implemented by an ODEV of the same name, and each ODEV may implement only one event/stimulus type. Similar event/stimulus types which need to share code may be implemented in a single PSYX, of course, but the PSYX must have a separate ODEV name and ID for each type.

For example, the Paragraph and Document stimulus types which are built-in to PsyScope are very similar, the only difference between them being that Paragraph events take their text from the script, which Document events take their text from a file on disk. It is natural then, that they share a great deal of code, thus, they are implemented as a single PSYX with two names:

		"Document(DOC :ODEV)/Paragraph(PARA:ODEV)"

Then when it receives messages intended for the Document ODEV, they have the ID "DOC ", and when it receives messages for the Paragraph ODEV they have the ID "PARA".

ODEVs receive their messages, via the ODEV Manager, primarily from either the current IMSB, while the experiment is being built from the script, or from the Trial Manager, while the experiment is running. Action messages are sent by the Trial Manager when it is running trials and must execute an action, there are also messages sent from the Trial Manager to query whether an action is implemented, and to give the ODEV an opportunity to pre-process the parameters of an action.

5.1.1 - Event/Stimulus Overview
5.1.2 - Action Overview

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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