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5.1 Overview of ODEV Operation

5.1.2 Action Overview

When an action is encountered that is not one of the Trial Manager's built-in actions the ODEV Manager asks all available ODEVs whether they recognize the action. The first ODEV that recognizes the action is then connected to the ODEV Manager, if not already connected, and expected to implement the action.

Once an ODEV has acknowledged that it recognizes an action and has been connected to the ODEV Manager, it will be required to initialize and close its hardware, and suspend and resume operations during the display break dialogs and error messages, just like any other ODEV, even if the ODEV never allocates any stimuli. This is necessary in case the ODEV requires its hardware to be initialized in order to be able to execute its custom actions. If an ODEV implements actions which don't require its hardware to be initialized in order to run, then it should be declared as an ACTN as well as an ODEV.

See "Chapter 6. ACTNs", for a detailed explanation of how to implement custom actions.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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