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5.3 ODEV Messages and Their Parameters

5.3.1 OConnect

#define OConnect				'Ocon'

typedef struct { char *default_dur; Ptr exp_attribs; short handles_own_dur; } OConnectParamsType;

char *default_dur; Out - a string specifying the default duration of the eventtype as it would be specified in the Duration: attribute of the event. (e.g. "500" for 500 msec, or "mouse[click]")

Ptr exp_attribs; In - a pointer to an attribute structure from which ODEV defaults specified as experiment attributes can be extracted using the get_attribs() family of functions in the PsyScope toolbox (see "11.5.3 Event Stimuli and Attributes").

short handles_own_dur; Out - FALSE if the ODEV will rely on the Trial Manager to tell it when events of its type have ended. TRUE if the ODEV will rely on an OClear message from the trial manager to know when to clear events. (Most ODEVs don't handle their own duration).

This Message is the first message that the ODEV will receive from the ODEV Manager. It indicates that the ODEV of the type specified in the ID parameter has been connected to the ODEV Manager to be used in this experiment. The ODEV should initialize its internal data structures and prepare to allocate events. The exp_attribs parameter is a source from which initialization information can be read from any ODEV-defined experiment attributes. The event type's default duration should be passed out as a string, as well as a flag indicating whether the ODEV will keep track of event durations itself, or whether it expects the Trial Manager to take care of it using OClear messages.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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