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5.3 ODEV Messages and Their Parameters

5.3.10 ONewStimOldAttribs

#define ONewStimOldAttribs					'Onsa'

typedef struct { long refNum; ECSList content; } ONewStimOldAttribsParams;

long refNum; In - The reference number of an already created stimulus whose attributes should be used in creation of a new stimulus. Out - the reference number of the newly created stimulus.

ECSList content; In - A list (see "11.2 List Utilities") of strings representing one or more stimulus values for a new stimulus.

This message is sent instead of OAlloc when the IMSB determines that the new stimulus has the same attributes as a previously defined stimulus. The ODEV should create a new stimulus using the stimulus values provided in content, and the attributes of the stimulus referred to by refNum.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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