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5.3 ODEV Messages and Their Parameters

5.3.12 OLoad

#define OLoad				'Olod'

typedef struct { long refNum; long *dur; } OLoadParams;

long refNum; In - The refNum for a stimulus previously allocated with OAlloc.

long *dur; In/Out - A pointer to the duration of the stimulus as determined by the Trial Manager. If this value is SELF_TERMINATE, the ODEV should compute and fill in the actual duration now, if possible, otherwise, it must call async_completion() to get an OClear message for this stimulus. (see "11.5 Run-Time Utilities")

This message tells the ODEV to load the stimulus referred to by refNum into memory from disk, or do any other final preparations, so that it may be displayed.

If the duration of the event is SELF_TERMINATE, then if the ODEV hasn't specified that it will handle its own durations (in response to OConnect) the Trial Manager will rely on the ODEV to either compute and fill in the duration of the event now, or to call async_completion() to tell the Trial Manager when the event has ended.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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