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Chapter 1. General PSYX information

1.2 PSYX Naming

The name and ID of a PSYX are set in the name of the `PSYX' code resource. Classes to which the PSYX belongs are listed here as well. The format of a `PSYX' resource name is:


where ExtensionName is less than 32 characters, ID is exactly four characters, and ClassList is a comma-delimited list of four-character class IDs. No extra spaces should appear anywhere in this string. (Spaces may be included in the ID, as long as the ID with spaces is still four characters.)

Multiple PSYX names for a single PSYX are delimited with a slash. If multiple names are given, then classes are assigned to the names separately. Since a PSYX knows what name was used by a message sender, multiple names can be used to clarify the context of a message.

For example:


could be the name of a PSYX which provides a shape-drawing output device driver as well as a shape-creating dialog. ODEV messages must be sent to the name "Shape" or the ID 'Shap'. On the other hand, DCOD messages (which do not require a class declaration) could be sent using the name "Shape" or "ShapeDefine", unless the PSYX internally distinguishes between the two names.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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