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5.3 ODEV Messages and Their Parameters

5.3.16 OSplitStimRefNum

#define OSplitStimRefNum					'Ospl'

typedef struct { long refNum; char *string; ECSList attrib_refs; } OSplitStimRefNumParams;

long refNum; In - a reference number of a stimulus to be split.

char *string; Out - pointer to a 256 byte buffer to write the string version of the stimulus value associated with refNum into.

ECSList attrib_refs; Out - If non-null, an ECSList (see "11.2 List Utilities") of long values to append the reference(s) of the attribute set(s) onto.

This message tells the ODEV to split a stimulus into a string representation of the stimulus value(s), and a list of one or more reference numbers of attribute blocks associated with the stimulus, to be potentially used later with OMakeStimRefNum.

The ODEV should create a human-readable string representing the stimulus value and write it into string, and append one or more reference numbers of attribute blocks to the list attrib_refs. If attrib_refs is NULL, then only the string should be returned.

This message is mostly, if not always, sent with a NULL attrib_refs parameter, for the purpose of getting a string representation of a stimulus.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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