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Chapter 1. General PSYX information

1.3 PSYX Calling Conventions

The time at which PSYX messages are generated depends on the class of the receiving PSYX. For example, ODEVs are generally only called during the compilation and execution of an experiment. However, since any PSYX can send a message any other PSYX, a PSYX can potentially be called at any time.

A PSYX message is sent by passing the PSYX a four-character message ID and a pointer to message-specific data. The standard message IDs and the associated data structures are described below.

There are two ways in which messages may be passed to a PSYX: through its main() function or to another function specified in a message table. These methods will be described in detail below.

1.3.1 - Code resources
1.3.2 - The main() function
1.3.3 - Message tables

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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