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Chapter 6. ACTNs

6.1 Implementing Custom Actions

When the Trial Manager is preparing to run a trial and it encounters an action name it doesn't recognize, it checks its extensions to determine if any of them recognize the action name. First it queries all ODEVs. The first ODEV to recognize the action is connected to the ODEV Manager. If not ODEVs recognize the action it queries all connected IDEVs. If none of the connected IDEVs recognize the action, then it queries all ACTNs.

After the Trial Manager has determined which PSYX will handle an action, it passes the string values of the parameters of the action to the PSYX for any preprocessing. The PSYX may then pass back out an array of pointers to the processed arguments. This is done so that any time-consuming argument processing will already be done at the time the action is executed, to make action execution as fast as possible.

Finally, when the action is called, the Trial Manager will send the PSYX the message code that the Trial Manager received in response to its original query, along with a parameter block containing, among other things, the array of pointers to the dereference parameters.

6.1.1 - Accepting an Action
6.1.2 - Dereferencing Parameters
6.1.3 - Executing an Action

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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