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6.1 Implementing Custom Actions

6.1.3 Executing an Action

When an action is called, it will be called with the message code passed back by the PSYX in response the the pGetMsgCode message. MsgData will point to a parameter block:

typedef struct {
	short paramc;
	Ptr *params;
	short eventRef;
	short putUpByEvent;
	short trial;
} PSYXActionParams;

short paramc; In - The number of parameters.

Ptr *params; In - An array of pointers to parameters, previously passed out by the PSYX in response to pGetProcParams.

short eventRef; In - The event which the action is "Active Until".

short putUpByEvent; In - The event which the action belongs to.

short trial; In - The current trial.

The PSYX should use this information to execute the action. The parameters in params were previously passed out by pGetProcParams. If for any reason it needs to know the event that put it up, the event that will take it down, or the current trial, that information is provided.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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