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PSYX Programmer's Manual

Chapter 7. IDEVs

An IDEV is a PSYX that implements a condition type that the Trial Manager can use to trigger actions. The condition is usually, but not necessarily, related to subject input. For example, in the event attribute:

	EventActions: conditions[key[x] mouse[click]] => actions[beep[]]

The conditions key[] and mouse[] are implemented by the Key IDEV and the Mouse IDEV, respectively. Each IDEV is responsible for keeping track of the state of its input device, and the conditions, or masks, of that state which will trigger actions, as well as for making timing information and other relevant data available to be written in the data file or used by the Trial Manager

PsyScope's IDEV Manager communicates with all IDEVs by calling their message routines directly. For this reason, a PSYX must publish all of its IDEV message routines in its function table that is returned in response to pGetFuncTable.

In addition to implementing condition types to trigger actions, an IDEV can also define actions, like an ODEV or an ACTN.

7.1 - Overview of IDEV Operation
7.2 - What's the Data Buffer?
7.3 - IDEV Messages and Their Parameters

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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