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7.1 Overview of IDEV Operation

7.1.2 Action Operation

IDEVs impement custom actions, like ODEVs and ACTNs. Unlike with ODEVs and ACTNs, however, the IDEV Manager will only query connected IDEVs to see if they can handle an action. Therefore, an IDEVs actions will not be available in an experiment unless that IDEV is listed in the "Input Devices" experiment attribute of the script. This is useful if the IDEVs define actions which require the IDEV's hardware to be initialized for the actions to execute. If an IDEV defines actions which do not require the IDEV to be connected to the IDEV Manager in order to run, the IDEV should be declared as an ACTN as well as an IDEV.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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