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7.3 IDEV Messages and Their Parameters

7.3.1 IConnect

short connectProc(Ptr attribRef, Handle *dataTemplate, 
			Ptr *dataBuffer, short numFieldsToPrint);

Ptr attribRef; In - A source from which to read default attributes using the get_attribs family of functions. (NYI, use ExperimentEntry() and LocateAttrib() to read default attribs)

Handle *dataTemplate; Out - A Handle of a `dfld' resource specifying the fields of the data buffer.

Ptr *dataBuffer; Out - the IDEV's data buffer

Short *numFieldsToPrint; Out - how many fields of the data buffer will be printed in the data file.

Return Value: TRUE if successful.

This message is the first message the IDEV will receive from the IDEV manager. The IDEV should initialize its internal data structures and prepare to keep track of input masks. The attribRef parameter is a source from which initialization information and default values can be read from the script. The IDEV should pass out to the IDEV Manager the structure of its data buffer, a pointer to the data buffer and the number of fields of the data buffer to print in the data file.

Note: PsyScope will not call ReleaseResource() or DisposHandle() on the dataTemplate handle. The IDEV should keep track of it in a global variable so that it can be disposed when handling the IDisconnect message.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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