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7.3 IDEV Messages and Their Parameters

7.3.8 IPoll

void pollProc(void);

No Params;

Return Value: TRUE if an action was triggered, FALSE if not.

This message tells the IDEV to check for new input and trigger any actions which should occur. When it receives this message the IDEV should test the current input state against all masks that currently have actions associated with them, find those actions which should be triggered, and tell the Trial Manager to trigger them.

To tell the Trial Manager to trigger an action, the IDEV should call the IDEV Manager function DoIDEVMaskAction(Ptr actionRef, long time), passing in the relevant actionRef, and the time in milliseconds that the input occurred, which should have been retrieved from theTimer.millisecs (see"11.5.1 Timing") at the time that the input was first received.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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