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7.3 IDEV Messages and Their Parameters

7.3.11 IGetDataString

char *getDataStringProc(Ptr data, char *delimiter);

Ptr data; In - a pointer to a stored copy of the IDEV's data buffer

char *delimiter; In - a pointer to a string delimiter for the fields

This message passes in a copy of the IDEV's data buffer that was stored by an RT[] action sometime earlier in the experiment. The IDEV should convert this buffer into a string, and pass it back. If the buffer has multiple fields, only the first n fields should be converted, where n is the value returned by the IDEV to the IDEV Manager by the parameter numFieldsToPrint in the IConnect message handler.

A single copy of the string delimiter should be appended after each field except the last, and the contents of delimiter should not appear anywhere within a field.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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