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Chapter 9. DFILs

9.1 Overview of DFIL Operation

In order to be a DFIL, a PSYX must handle the three DFIL messages, DOpen, DData, and DClose. When the experiment begins running, the DFIL will receive a DOpen message to from the DFIL Manager, instructing it to read any necessary defaults from the script, open any output files, and do all other initializations. Then at intervals throughout the experiment, the DFIL will receive a series of DData messages, each with a pointer to an array of collected data to be processed. At the end of the experiment, when there are no more trials to run, the DFIL will receive a DClose message, at which point it should free any allocated memory and perform any other necessary deinitializations, prior to being unloaded.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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