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Chapter 9. DFILs

9.2 DFILParams: The DFIL Parameter Block

All three DFIL messages (DOpen, DData, and DClose) receive a parameter block of type DFILParams:

typedef struct {
DataRecord *data;

char *scriptFile;
DateTimeRec startDate;
DateTimeRec endDate;
long startTime;
long endTime;
short numRests;
long restPeriod;
} DFILParams;

DataRecord *data - A pointer to an array of records of collected data. Each record represents an RT[] action execution. See "9.3 The DataRecord Struct" for the DataRecord structure.

char *scriptFile - The name of the script file for the experiment being run.

DateTimeRec startDate - The date and time at which the experiment was started, stored as a Macintosh DateTimeRec struct.

DateTimeRec endDate - The date and time at which the experiment ended. (Not filled in until DCLose).

long startTime - The time that the experiment started as returned by the ANSI time function.

long endTime - The time that the experiment ended.

short numRests - The number of rest periods in the experiment.

long restPeriod - The length of a rest period in ms.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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