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Chapter 9. DFILs

9.3 The DataRecord Struct

typedef struct response_element{
short Trial;
short PutUpByEvent;
short DuringEvent;
short RemovedByEvent;
short RelativeEvent;
short Label;
long time;
Ptr IDEVdata;
} DataRecord;

short Trial - The number of the trial in which the data were collected. Trial numbering begins with 1.

short PutUpByEvent - The event that posted the RT[] action which collected this data.

short DuringEvent - The event during which the RT[] action was triggered. (This is arbitrary if more than one event was running when the event was triggered.)

short RemovedByEvent - The event that would have removed the RT[] action if all its instances weren't triggered.

short RelativeEvent - The event whose start the reaction time is measured relative to.

short Label - Index to the response label of these data. See function DataGetResponseLabel() in " Data Filtering Funtions".

long time - The reaction time in ms.

Ptr IDEVdata - a block of data that represents the combined contents of the data buffers of all connected IDEVs at the time the RT[] action was triggered.

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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