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PSYX Programmer's Manual

Chapter 11. PSYX Toolbox

By calling InitAllTables() in response to the pInitialize message, a PSYX can dynamically link to a large utility toolbox provided by PsyScope. InitAllTables() links to the utilities by setting a global stored within the PSYX to point a y function table within the PsyScope application. "PSYX.h" defines macros so that calls to utility functions are converted to calls to pointers in this table. The utility functions are fully prototyped.

Thera are a very large number of functions in the toolbox. Not all functions which are available are documented here. The utilities which are documented fall into several catagories: General Utilites, Script Utilities, Graphic Utilities, ...

In enumerating the utility functions, this document is not altogether honest about which utilites are functions and which are macros. They are, however, properly represented in the types of parameters required an returned by the utility..

11.1 - General Utilities
11.2 - List Utilities
11.3 - Script Utilities
11.4 - PSYX Manager
11.5 - Run-Time Utilities

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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