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PSYX Programmer Manual

version 0.2
Jefferson Provost and Matthew Flatt

(This Manual is under construction, please don't mind the debris.)

PsyExtension System Credits

Design, Development,
Programmer Documentation,
Editing and
Typesetting: Jefferson Provost & Matthew Flatt

HTML Conversion: Jefferson Provost

PsyScope was written at Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Psychology.

(C) 1994-1995 Carnegie Mellon University.
PsyScope is free for non-commecial use. All rights reserved.

The PsyScope application and user manual may be obtained from poppy.psy.cmu.edu by anonymous FTP. Send all bugs and comments to psybug@serviceberry.psy.cmu.edu. Correspondence regarding the PsyScope Consortium should be sent to consortium@serviceberry.psy.cmu.edu or to Jonathan Cohen or Brian MacWhinney at Department of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA.

This manual was produced with FrameMaker(R) publishing software for the Apple(R) MacintoshTM using the Hevetica, Times, Courier, Chicago, and Symbol typeface families.

PSYX Programmer Manual Contents
Chapter 1. - General PSYX information
Chapter 2. - DCODs
Chapter 3. - XRESs
Chapter 4. - IMSBs
Chapter 5. - ODEVs
Chapter 6. - ACTNs
Chapter 7. - IDEVs
Chapter 8. - TIMRs
Chapter 9. - DFILs
Chapter 10. - Minor Classes
Chapter 11. - PSYX Toolbox
Chapter 12. - Windows in PsyScope
Chapter 13. - Graphic Environment Resources

PSYX Programmer's Manual - 24 AUG 95
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