PsyScope PsyExtension Development

PsyScope has facilties to support user-developed drop-in extensions which can implement new stimulus types, input types, actions, data filters, interface dialogs, and scripting functions. Early versions of a Programmers Manual and Developers Kit for PsyExtensions are currently available.

PSYX Programmer's Manual

The PSYX Programmer's Manual describes the various kinds of PSYXs and how to create them in C on the Macintosh.

  • Go To PSYX Programmer's Manual.
  • Download PostScript version (unix format: 334k).
  • Download PostScript version (Macintosh format: PSYX_Manual.bin 276k).
  • PSYX Developer's Kit

    The PSYX Developer's Kit contains header files, and glue code necessary for compiling PsyExtensions, plus a testing/debugging environment for Metrowerks CW7 and example files and template code for various PSYX classes.

  • Download PSYX Developer's Kit 0.3.0 (230k)
  • Read the release notes.