The PsyScope button box is now sold by New Micros in Dallas, Texas. The price for each box is $400 for orders from the United States, $500 for orders from abroad paid through check or VISA/Mastercard and $550 for orders from abroad (excluding Canada) that are paid through purchase order. Shipments include the button box, a cable to connect to the Macintosh, and a power supply. The purchase price includes all shipping and handling costs. If you are accidentally charged for shipping by the carrier, make sure that you do not pay, since these costs should be paid by New Micros.

Units may be ordered by sending payment to:

New Micros attn: Alan Glover
1601 Chalk Hill Road
Dallas, TX 75212 USA
(214) 339-2204 fax 339-1585

For more information about New Micros, check out their web site.

Payment may be in purchase order, check in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank, or VISA/Mastercard. Payments in purchase order may be mailed or faxed and payments in VISA/Mastercard may be phoned or faxed. If you wish to claim VAT exemption, you need to provide the number and information to New Micros.

The contact person at New Micros is Alan Glover ( who does customer service.

There is no official software support for the button box. There are only a few identifiable bugs in the software. These all involve the GUI and can be circumvented by using the scripting language. However, you can send a note about non-support, operational problems to You may also wish to subscribe to to stay informed of changes to PsyScope and the button box. To subscribe, just send a message with the word "subscribe" in the text.

WARRANTY: The box is sold with a 90-day warranty. If the box does not work on arrival or fails during the 90-day period, it should be returned to New Micros for a refund or for repair.

REPAIR: If a box breaks after the warranty period, New Micros can repair it. It is a good idea to contact them to arrange shipping and repair. Typically, the cost for a repair is in the area of $75 per box.