This site provides older versions of PsyScope. For versions that work with current Apple systems, please go to the page maintained by Luca Bonatti.

There is no user support, but users can exchange insights through the psyscope @ mailing list. You can subscribe by through the interface at

Earlier info-psyscope messages can be read and searched in archive form at

General Information

PsyScope 1.2.5 is available free and unsupported to those who might find it useful. We do not take any responsibility whatsoever for any problems that you have related to the use of PsyScope. PsyScope was designed and developed by (alphabetically):

The developers kindly request that the following citation be referenced in any manuscripts that report results based on the use of PsyScope:

Cohen J.D., MacWhinney B., Flatt M., and Provost J. (1993). PsyScope: A new graphic interactive environment for designing psychology experiments. Behavioral Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers, 25(2), 257-271.